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QUICK AND EASY TO USE: TWX®Auto Premium Car Mitt enables you to clean the entire car in a fraction of the time that a traditional glove would take. Normally, it takes two hours cleaning time compared to about 30 minutes with our Premium Mitt, which also prevents your shoulders, elbows, arms and hands.

EXCELLENT DETERGENCY: When you use this Mitt to detail and polish your car, it can quickly remove the surface contaminants (such as heavy oxidation, water stains, light rust, pollen, bugs, etc.) from your car and leaves a silky smooth paint finish.

LONG LIFE TIME: The high-quality materials provide great tenacity and stickiness, which ensures the mitt last for up to 5 times longer than the traditional glove.

SCRATCH-FREE: can be used on cars with any color and will never leave scratches to the surface.

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TWX® Auto Premium Car Mitt

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