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TWX® Auto Premium Car Care Microfiber Towels are ultra-fine for detailing applications. Great for final-touch cleaning, because they are ultra-soft and stitched together for scratch-free detailing. Microfiber is the industry-standard cloth for handling and cleaning cars because it is super-soft, super-absorbent, and does not damage paint when used properly. Our Towels are made of selected high quality microfiber for outstanding softness and strength, and a luxurious silk-banded edge to further reduce the chances of scratching sensitive paintwork. Each towel has a short nap side and a long nap side. Use the high side to wipe away dust and debris and buff away detail sprays for streak-free beauty and the low pile side to clear waxes and sealants. We are proud to offer only the highest quality microfibers on the market.

PREMIUM: Professional use-at-home Towels. Use for your car, motorbike, vehicle or anywhere in the house! Machine washable.

PERFECT CHOICE: For impeccable efficiency, combine with our products for waterless cleaning, wax and leather and interior cleaners. Good for use on wheels and tires! Great for a mirror-like shine!

LONG LASTING - Can handle hundreds of washes and heavy duty applications.

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TWX® Auto Premium Car Care Microfiber Towels

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